side projects

Here are some side projects I’ve worked on in my spare time.

LaTeX workshop

What began as part of an impromptu LaTeX workshop at the 2015 Linguistic Institute has turned into a full-fledged handout intended to familiarize folks with the typesetting system LaTeX. The handout is intended to be useful to anyone just starting with LaTeX, though one section does address some things that might be useful to linguists in particular. I really welcome and appreciate feedback about the handout so that I can continue to improve it. Please send any feedback you might have to me via email or raise it as a GitHub issue.

psiTurk Docker

I maintain Docker images for past and present versions of psiTurk, a Python command-line tool for running and interacting with experiments on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Open Source

I’ve contributed to a variety of open source projects, to varying degrees.